Wednesday, July 31, 2002

what! Eight out of ten uni students admit cheating!

you mean all that time I was reading Ricouer and Derrida and thinking really, really hard, everyone else was at the pub? what an outrage!

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

via pixelkitty
Today's Blogon:
On the Internet, no one knows if you're a dog, George W. Bush or the Lord himself; can you tell the difference at these impersonation blogs?

Jesus of the Week
Some of the Jesuses on Jesus of the Week really are Jesus - or at least paintings and models of Him.
The idea is that every week, the blog puts up a new Jesus, with appropriate commentary. You can choose your Jesus from a drop-down menu of previous weeks' Lords.
If this blog was an academic treatise on representations of Christ through the ages, it would probably draw a fat grant from a Christian foundation. But then it couldn't have fun with Jesus-as-tapdancer - "Check out the fancy footwork, as Jesus straps on his tap sandals!" or Jesus-as-children's-book character - "It's just so nice to see Jesus relaxing for once - trading
in his stuffy work clothes for more casual clown garb and kicking back with a game of Holy-hacky-sack-in-the-halo."
Jesus submissions from readers are encouraged.

No, this isn't actually written by the leader of the free world.
At least, we don't think Dubya would say this:
"But folks, gettin' energy from the Sun is just bad business. Think about it. Dependin' on energy from other countries is bad enough, but you wanna start depending on energy from another planet? I don't. I mean, once we get dependent on the Sun for our energy, what's to keep the Sunarians, or whatever they're called, from cuttin' back on production like
OPEC does? What's to keep 'em from hikin' prices? What are we gonna do then? We can't retaliate. Hell, they're on another planet."
Surely not.
Nevertheless, this blog overflows with links to the fun stuff about the current president; his business embarassments, his daughter's hijinks and what the Chinese military thinks of George Senior's little boy.

Living Colours
It's a bit of an ironic title, because Kaycee Nicole of Living Colours never was alive.
Her long-running blog came to an end in May last year when she finally succumbed to a chronic disease.
But it didn't take long for suspicious fellow bloggers to discover that there had never been a Kaycee. She was a persona developed by a middle-aged American woman with the aid of photographs of an unsuspecting basketballer she'd known previously.
This is a taste of "Kaycee's" final post: "I sat on my grandma's glider wishing I could get out with everyone and play along. But I wasn't ever alone. Someone was always there beside me making me smile or catching me up on their life."
The perpetrator of the hoax later claimed the character was based on real people's experiences, but
The site was quickly removed by Kaycee's Webmaster, who had been fooled along with her other readers, but it is partly preserved in a mirror site.
Victims of the hoax included the girl whose photo was used, people who sent Kaycee gifts, people who befriended her online and grieved for her, and readers who felt they had been betrayed.

heh. those few visitors who remember the Great Rubbish Skip Debacle will appreciate this:
our house is being 1/2 knocked down. it looks like a bomb's hit it, literally; the roof is off and the kitchen and bathroom are open to the sky and full of fallen bricks.
all of the rubble is going into a skip at the front. the name on the side: All Over Bins.
personal note: when you stagger into work in the morning and turn your computer screen on, make sure you're not actually turning your PC off, thereby closing all your open to-be-dealt-with emails and potentially losing work.
I've always thought Cathy Freeman was delightfully open about her feelings and what was going on in her head. so I don't understand what this is about.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I think I have a blogcon roommate. her site isn't where I thought it was, though.
yay roomie-ness!

Monday, July 29, 2002

just had a pleasant lunch chat with pixelkitty
she is not the person referred to below.
she has agreed to feature in an article I'm doing about Melbourne bloggers.
she said something interesting: she doesn't care whether people read her or not. what she does find freaky is when she knows she has hundreds of readers and no one's saying anything
I remember before Salon killed Table Talk by levying fees, we had a "real people count off here" list to sort out the personas from the persons.
feel free to insert random comments below.

I can't say who you are right now because it would be defamatory under Australian law, but you are an INCOMPETENT, UNPROFESSIONAL UNHELPFUL PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE IDIOT.
so there.

/stress mode/

are we all having a nice day out there in blogland, kiddies? did I mention how pretty Melbourne can be on a cold sunny winter's day? how the orange sunset last night contrasted with the bare black branches of the denuded trees? how I got up early and quaffed coffee and bought the first asparagus of the season at the market before getting to work at a record 8.15 am?

today's fashion report: Star Wars meets Ghost World: tight yet oddly unsexy. Texture: Woolly yet scratchy. Hair clean but made to appear unwashed. I-don't-give-a-flying-f-touch: the safety pin holding my right shoe strap in place. Glasses: geek mode.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

look at all these cool people you can hire to speak at your dinner! Paul Twomey, John Ralston Saul, Ita Buttrose...
I read this, from an Australian archbishop who thinks abortion is worse than child abuse, and I said this to the nearest female:

"who put these men in charge of us? some Bodaecia ten thousand years ago made a HUGE mistake when she let them men into the cave. they should have been kept outside hunting wildebeest and mammoths and only let in once a month for reproduction. they should never have been allowed in to be civilised because they don't know how to do it"

Who did put them in charge anyway?
I know it's old hat to laugh at one's spam. but today's was kind of cute: "Add 3 Inches To Your Private Part ".
nowhere did it mention the P-word. it was kind of sweet, in an oldfashioned coy way.
'roo loose in the dining room.
'nuff said.
you want original content, you go elsewhere. bloggety blog is following the pack with the "myname is" meme

Jenny is a very social woman
Jenny is a high school girl of 17.
Jenny is among the most promising new songwriters on the local scene
Jenny is a lovely spot for a naturist holiday
Jenny is the reigning queen of southside
Jenny is on tour with LA Trumpet Player Rob Slowik and the Big Apple Circus.
Jenny is a veteran stage performer, beginning on the fiddle at age eight with her family's Driftwood Canyon Family Band
Jenny is located within the depth contour marked on this map as "submerged volcano".
Jenny is one of the most famous airplanes of the World War I and
barnstorming eras

... I specially like the submerged volcano...these are the actual first-page Google results!
oh no! I am now #1 at Google for "Jenny s!x" (fill in the mark with an e, I don't want to attract more).
no porn here kids, go away. or at least send money while you're here, hey?
so busy. have to do a 5,000 word piece on the Australian domain name system. by like, next week. am 70 per cent through transcribing a one-hour tape. have thousands of words in various files, lots of printouts to go through. aargh. why did I agree to do this?
Because if/when I get paid, it will be in US dollars, silly.
ah, thanks for clearing that up, Jenny.
and it is interesting in a way. there is just not enough time and I have friends to call, dishes to wash and a life to have. sometimes you just hit a crunch and you have to run like crazy to keep up.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

(I cheated and asked my computer science genius husband to convert from decimal to binary. smart is partly having the right people around you, no?)
I'm going to the Pirate Ship Battle!

ayyee, me 'earties!
tick, tock.
the sounds that make up the rhythm that passes the time.
my feet clacking on the bluestone pavers
the pedestrian crossing timer – fast, slow, fast, slow.

the clock that ticked at my grandfather’s house – pa’s house – when I was a child in the dark is now at my father’s house.
the mantel clock from my grandmother’s kitchen in the house where my mother was a girl is now in my mother’s lounge room. it’s promised to me when she dies.

the sweetness of addiction. coffee. swimming. chocolate. you need it. you know it’s bad. it blurs life

story idea – or something from my subconscious- a group of school friends. 40s. settled.
one of them goes mad and starts hassling the others, reminding them of their dreams.
r’s friend who said schools shouldn’t encourage people to all think they’d be clothing designers, someone has to sew them. I found that comment kind of shocking, especially from a mother….
the problem with taking time off for small operations is that everyone thinks you've been on holiday.
if one more person says "did you have a nice break" I shall say "yes, thank you, apart from the 3 hrs on a drip and the bruises."

Cat Connor, the woman behind Blogathon, was amazed that her little idea raised more than $US20,000 ($A36,000) for charity last year.
This year she and her merry crew of bloggers are at it again. B-day is July 27, when hundreds of bloggers will post hourly for 24 hours, with their sponsors' money going to the charity of their choice (a very Internetish way of distributing the cash.)
Her chosen charity is Book Aid, a very non-Internetish organisation taking books to the disadvantaged.
Meanwhile, Connor is dealing with her volcano dreams and questioning why you have to get religion to be considered a real American.

Exiting Winter
Jahva is blogging for the House Rabbit Society. As the name implies, this is a society devoted to furthering the interests of rabbits that live in houses. Really.
Jahva's blog takes the contrarian position on the collected works of Oasis, wonders why the Game Show Network is so addictive and offers a link to some admittedly amateur poetry attempts.
It also follows the doings of house rabbit St George, who no doubt will be putting paw to keyboard to help out on July 27.

Gisele's Gaze
As of last week, Gisele had $US650 pledged to her chosen charity, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Gisele is the mother of Frank, a yoga aficionado, and is ageing with a sense of humour - not many women would publicly admit to getting their chins waxed.
She has an interesting life; the latest family crisis is burying a distant relative who died in Florida after being out of touch for years, leaving everything to Gisele's rather surprised mother.
Her blog is also part of a photo-thon, which requires a photo a day to be posted rather than the post-an-hour of the blogathon, confirming the official picture-to-word ratio of 1:1000.

Grinning Idiot
This is clearly a very silly man.
A randomly selected recent post was titled Bad Habit and started off talking about a man who liked to dress up as a nun:
"We want nun of that here.
"It's a bad habit.
"We'll have nun of those jokes here.
I know, I know ... I'm habitually punny."
Why anyone would give this guy money to write this stuff would be beyond one, if it wasn't for the charity Doctors Without Borders (finally, one we've heard of in Australia!).
The Idiot doesn't blog much about his own life, preferring to pick out things that amuse him from the global information flow - French laws against smelly tourists, streakers at Wimbledon and anything that makes politicians look like fools.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

geek post: does anyone know if you can get a thingy to transfer data from an iPaq handheld to a floppy?
I want to use Andrew's iPaq and keyboard when I'm travelling, but I don't know how I'll get the data onto internet-connected pcs.
don't seem to be able to find anything.
usB? mayB?

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

don't go to BlogCon if you value your soul.

image stolen from Jesus of the Week
you know what I hate? I hate it when you get out of the pool in the dark, cold and wet, grab your towel and find that someone else has used it!
how nasty is that? using someone else's towel and just chucking it on the bench. I curse thee, towel-pincher, to a life in which you never again feel a warm, cosy dry towel enfold your shivering, pathetic hide.

(if you want to know what it feels like to be famous, try this: go for a swim, don't dry your hair off properly because some churl used your towel, then drop in at a bakery cafe on the way home to buy cake. you will look so odd and wet that people will stare at you as you pass by and as you complete your purchase. that's what it must feel like to be stuck with a famous face.)

Monday, July 22, 2002

cool. sitemeter now has a blogger auto-add; you can just login from there, no muckin' about wif da template. sorry, was possessed by Ali G for a minuter there... and I've never even watched his show. must be something in the zeitgeist.

ps: you do have to publish to make it take effect. I think.
It's only 11.45 am and already I've walked the dog, had a long chat to a contact in the pleasant surrounds of Brunettis, where I saw Michael Leunig and a man with an axe (not together), drank enough coffee to get me buzzing, failed to find my uni books or any others I want in Readings, where the staff had no interest in meeting my needs, and I've scoffed at William Safire's what's-a-blog column.
I also clearly have not much to say this morning.
my "editor" in New York, for whom I'm doing a chapter on the Australian domain name system for a book on the global system she's trying to get published, is asking her journalist mates if any of them will rent me a room in August.
Hoopty promises I won't be bedless in Vegas; I have a booking for the first two nights, so maybe I'll wing it.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

this is lovely: a daffodil blog recording where all the flowers from the September 11 Daffodil project are flowering. I guess daffodil season is over now, but it's a warm and fuzzy one anyway.
oh no. don't give her money. give it to a starving african who has no burberry bags to sell instead.
via okiba75
to me, it's just a fly. to Bilbo, it's hours of chasing fun.
Sean is the guy who knew who I was at Blogmeet.
He has also hitched a lift from the writer of Shirley Valentine, and is familiar with the dimensions of a very long street near my house.
He believes that Blue Poles has a hidden 3-D image of Gough Whitlam. I disagree with him about Mark Rothko, though.
(Blue Poles:

bandwidth theft...naughty but efficient. hey, I only have a few visitors a day anyway. and no ftp at the moment. and I'm SORRY, OK?

Saturday, July 20, 2002

oh yeah, the talk.
I had all 3,500 words writted down on a piece of paper (Goons joke, OK?); the guy who was talking about zines had a sheet of paper with 4 points scribbled on it.
d'ffern't strokes...
it was probably all a bit wooden, and I felt dizzy at one point, but they applauded and we survived. only abou 35 people in the end.
the zine people were cool; they like to do things like publish on toilet paper, or put magazines out at random times in random locations. they think Web publishing cheapens the word.
the moderator tried to get me to say they were Luddites, but I just said the nice thing about all this is there is no "right way". what you do is what you do.
one girl does a zine all about what she did on the 23rd of the month; a bloggy concept piece if I ever saw one. and many zines have reviews of other zines in the back - like a links page?
found it funny to be lumped in with "youth culture" alongside the 26-year-olds.
I think I've been too busy to get excited about my holiday; but this morning I caught a whiff of burned coffee from the stove and suddenly thought of a busy, noisy, bright New York coffeeshop, where the cups are bottomless.

Friday, July 19, 2002

more to the point, how cruel do we have to be to refugee children? I don't care if they're pakistani or Martian: they are HERE and we are responsible for them. and we can't just shunt them around the country/world like so many sacks of wheat.
now they're going to deport even their father. it's totally shameful.
try not to laptop, which is the only link to the outside world, aka the Net, is dodgy. if I touch the screen at all, it goes white and I have to reboot four times at least to make it work.
it's making my talk presentation a bit dodgy.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

blogmeetup report: as Pixelkitty says, Starbucks was closed - I was a bit unsure about having it there anyway, and shocked to learn that they're a SPONSOR - is nothing sacred? the pub across the road, however, was great and having a drink probably helped the shyer bloggers. I hope it didn't mean that any under-18s didn't come along, though.
my strange moment was walking up to the bar, ordering a drink and saying to a guy who came up "are you a blog person?" because I had to start somewhere. He looked straight at me and said "You're Jenny Sinclair, aren't you?", which first freaked me out and then made me think oh, I'm so famous.
turns out in true blog-geek style he has a membership at the Melbourme Museum and has seen a repeating loop video that runs in the computer section near CSIRAC, in which I say some incoherent thing about convergence or other. he hadn't even read my blog.
meeting some new people was just what my head needed last night. photos at Kitty's site too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

going to BlogCon? why not?
hey, you could even room with me!
I sent an email to Vegas and the lovely Leeza rang back, speaking with an American accent for some reason.

the cheap conference rooms - all 30 of 'em - are booked out. I've got a room Thursday and Friday, but the Saturday and Sunday night ones go up over $100. so I really need to find either someone who has a room, or 1-2 people who want to share the cost of a more expensive one. at least I have somewhere to stay the first night.

and tonight I'll probably go to the Melbourne meetup for about $3.95.
man, but it's annoying not having always-on, superfast Web. positively Neanderthal.
I have to make lists of all the emails I need to send, and log off if I want to make a call.
was supposed to do some work this morning, but have decided I'm allowed to relax a bit if I'm ill, so I chopped back some rosebushes instead. very therapeutic.
wish me luck: I'm off to get the stitches taken out. you didn't need to know that, huh?
blogon for today: (it should be under the blogon link at The Age's tech site, but the regular site manager is away and I'm not there to nag, so this is a Bloggety Blog exclusive)

architecture blogs
These architecture blogs give a whole new meaning to building a site.

Modern architecture is about more than building stuff; it's about personalities like Wallpaper*'s Tyler Brule and his sudden departure from that magazine; it's about designer Kareem Rashid's turn as a DJ -"puh-leeze" - and it's about what the New York Times is saying about whom.
It's about the nature of creativity, and where you can get your copy of
Mobile:The Art of Portable Architecture signed
by author Jennifer Siegal herself.
Arch is just about the right word for this log.
Self-consciously concerned with the cutting edge, it won't replace Brule's campy pronouncements, but it will give you a heads-up on what names to drop at the next dinner party.
And if dinner parties aren't your scene, follow the link to the Infiltration site, all about "places you're not supposed to go."

City of Sound.
This blog defines architecture fairly loosely. It covers everything that happens in and around cities and information, from the hackers practice of warchalking (marking buildings with unprotected wireless net works) to the latest tool for visualising the links between Web sites.
But its open brief means it can also tell you about wacky things, like the high tide organ at Blackpool, England, which uses the tide to play music.

Architecture news
Once a week, the hottest news in architecture
is linked to this site in a batch. Last week, Jorn Utzon's renewed involve ment with the Sydney Opera House was the number-one story, alongside new uses for glass and the winner of a Los Angeles architecture competition.
Go to the discussion pages for the heavy stuff about honeycomb frame works, readymade design tools and who should design the structure to go on the World Trade Center site in New York. "I say, get (Frank) Gehry and let him build whatever he wants on the site.
That way, we'll have a haphazard structure full of twisting steel beams and bulbous, melting
metal sheets. Oh wait. That's what we have now."
still at home getting better. I'm fine, unless someone or some dog whacks me on the incision points. then I yowl.
meanwhile, it's given me a chance to quietly get on with writing my talk for the English teachers' conference on Saturday.
to sort of make my point about how easy they are to make, and because there won't be Web access or even a projector for me to use on the day, I created a special blog to put my text and links up. the links aren't all linked yet - there's a bit of mousework to be done - but that's basically it.
and basic is probably the right word. I'm sort of assuming a low level of blog-awareness; the other two speakers are zine specialists, which should be cool. I'm hoping to get an article for the education page that I write out of it as well - synergy, synergy, synergy - also known as recycling as much material as possible.
it's the only way to go when you have to fill so many different slots.

oh, and I got a new fish. he's freaking out in there. but I've told Old Fish to play nice. my nephew has a four-foot fishtank for some reason, and I'm hoping to "take care" of that when he goes travelling again, as he inevitably will. then I can build a fish empire.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

heh. the Neville Brothers' show in Vegas is in a giant Pool Bar. I wonder if I should bring my bikini and show off my new bellybutton scar?

Monday, July 15, 2002

so I pulled out of the anaesthesia better than Maria, who was in the bed opposite me and hardly lifted her poor, pretty head.
she had to stay overnight, while I shuffled off at about 7.30.
how do I feel? like I've been kicked in the abdomen.
I have given said abdomen a very serious talking-to this morning. its behaviour has just not been good enough lately.
anyway, at least I don't have to rush back to work. I can mope about in this nice warm, sunny room with my fluffy dog for almost all the rest of the week. I even found some 1/2 way presentable PJs and a dressinggown at the Preston Market, of all places, and I'm keeping them on all day on principle.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

it's a blue, sunny morning. cold, but the back window here have a great view of a line of large gums along the school behind the house. I'm taking some photos - the thingy that makes the camera's flash card fit into the computer has gone astray in the move, but I'll put them up as soon as we find it.
you know the worst thing about anaesthesia? apart from the bit about that time disappearing down a black hole in a way very different from sleep?
it's the fasting. my admission is at 1pm, and I was allowed breakfast, but have to stop drinking even water in a minute or twol
and I am a girl who just does not function without coffee. if I don't have caffeine by 10 am at the very latest, I become a headachy, grumpy, rude monster.
the first thing I'm going to say when I come around is "where's my coffee?"

addicted? so what? apart from times like this, getting coffee is never a problem. Melbourne is full of Italian immigrants who took one look at the English tea ceremony and got on the phone to their mates at Gaggia. there's a decent coffee shop every 300 metres in town, and a bad one every 40. I like that morning coffee, and I like the little head buzz it can give me, especially when I combine it with exercise. what would I do if it suddenly became clear that coffee was as bad for me as, say cigarettes? would I be sensible and just give up? I can't say I would. I just don't know.
(thinks: am I compusively writing about coffee because my addiction is nagging me? YES YES YES!)

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

I'm pleased to be Kermit.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

heard on the football commentary today: "he's not going to be a rocket scientist. he's not going to be a talk show host. he could be a fireman. he's got a safe pair of hands. you wouldn't mind dropping your baby to him from two floors up."
several hours later...
see, we've moved into this nice Californian bungalow (it's a style, not a state!) and naturally, I'm keen to keep the garden alive and things neat.
I thought that because we were bringing a minumum of stuff over for the 10 weeks and because it started clean, it would be easy to keep it in order.
I think it's actually harder than my normal m.o. of letting things get way messy then doing a whirlwind clean. granted, the "clean" state is better this way, but it seems a lot of effort.
I've spent a lot of today cycling washing through the wash/hang out/bring in/put away thing, and have just done about 45 minutes' worth of dishes. the back garden and front are watered and the porch is swept. (Andrew is off clearing out the old house, and besides, he isn't great at noticing when things need doing anyway).
I have a list of stuff we've messed up that we'll need to fix before the owner comes back; dumb things like Mr B's pawprints where he's jumped up beside the back door.
I had thought that if we got it right here, we could start anew when we moved into our renovated house. but given that I'm going to be wanting to spend some of my free time studying, seeing friends and family and generally getting out and about: I DON'T THINK SO!!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

what's with all the teddy bears?

for possibly the first time in my adult life, I went shopping for "sleepwear" today. annoyingly, I have to spend a day in a hospital bed next week (nothing to worry about, move along).
so I went looking for something that wasn't disgusting and wouldn't irritate my wounds.

and it's all either slinky-tart strappy nothings, or big baggy flannelettes shirt-and trousers covered in teddy bears or bunny rabbits. there was NOT ONE thing that was stylish, of nice material, comfortable and lacking a tight waistband. and don't even get me started on the brushed acrylic dressing gowns.

in the end, after trying two major chain stores and a smaller ladies' chain, I gave up. I'll wear my cover-all Moroccan jellabah (spelt)? which is ugly but comfy.

work expands to fill the available time. I'm going home.
another book I should probably read
napoleonic tunnels in Kent

Wednesday, July 10, 2002


Is Haladki out of our lives for good? What is the Alliance anyway?
The "sci-fi spy" show Alias is only one series old but, like many other sci-fi shows, it already has a loyal following, including the owners of this multi-user blog.
The blog is connected to a comprehensive fan site with actor indexes, links to official sites and news on series two.
It petered out in mid-June with some wistful comments about how nothing but Alias would do; Australian viewers fresh from this week's season-one finale will empathise.

Buffy Blog
"So today I did something totally different. I went to a Buffy collectable card game tournament at a comic bookstore near me."
For this blogger, "different" is going about Buffy business in some new way. For Buffy is all.
She's not uncritical, though. The "Willow is an addict" storyline is not nearly as interesting as the alternative "power corrupts" line that could have been taken, she writes, and the director's choice of supposedly cute young men often leaves her cold.
She really seems to care about who wins out in Buffy's moral dilemmas and how the cast's acting skills are developing.
And if there's not enough drama on the show itself, there are regular updates on who's kicking whom off the online discussion boards.

TV Barn
This one's run by a professional: Aaron Barnhart, television critic at the Kansas City Star newspaper.
Naturally US-centric, it includes both his print columns and his other thoughts. Recent topics were the Nielsen ratings and how they work - "The great thing about Nielsen ratings is you can slice them any way you want" - a column on the best TV ideas that aren't working, why Americans should have watched the World Cup soccer, and the news on yet another TV-industry sale of the M*A*S*H re-runs.
His position allows for a few added extras, like letters from readers about his columns.

Reality Blurred
Reality sure is blurred at this blog, devoted to reality TV shows.
It seems that the private lives of participants have become a kind of entertainment in themselves; hence the "news" of Sharon Osbourne's cancer surgery. (Ms Osbourne is the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, star of the celebrity reality show The Osbournes.)
The site has an extensive list of entries on everything from Big Brother to something called Road Rules, which appears to involve a Winnebago campervan, some attractive young people and that US tradition, a road trip.
A slightly scary TV-schedule page shows that only Fridays and Sundays remain free of reality shows on US free-to-air TV these days. Lots of links to official show sites here.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

who needs to put bombs in nuclear power plants? they're already there, just lying around for 60 years..
if you hurry, you might catch the crumbs of the fancy food show.
random number generator:

so if I disappear entirely from August 1, this is why; I'm back at uni. it will no doubt be fun yet horribly tension-making. I will start each semester determined to really learn about the topic, and finish grateful to have got the essays barely written and have passed.
I hope for interesting, knowledgeable classmates and stimulating tutes; I will be happy in the end if they will only say something, anything, about the topic so we don't have those embarrassing silences.
I imagine the course will lead me into an exciting career change; I will probably finish more confused than I started.
c'est la studie..

Monday, July 08, 2002

Steve Bracks obviously does not get the Internet. he wants to pass laws against putting people's pix on the Web without permission. how embarrasing. they may as well say The Age can't publish pics of people in a public place.
OK. I love America and Americans. they amuse me. and yes, a lot of good tech has come out of America and from Americans. the Internet was invented by an American working in Europe. fine, fine.

but why does the Wall St Journal have to insist that blogging is "American"? that's like saying Scrabble is American. it's just a thing people do.

(rereading the column, it looks like Ms Noonan is one of those feelgood columnists I always find annoying. doesn't make this instance less annoying, though.)
a great way to get a free trip to Vegas if you're stuck for your BlogCon fare!
stupid dialup line. i can't install touchgraph in 20 seconds. and it looks really cool; a kind of visual representation of what links to what.

and i have to go soon; have had to pull out of my morning's work to go sign the contracts for our renovation. the architect only got the final contracts to us last night, has not done a separate sit-down to explain it to us, and Andrew can't go; I have to face down the architect and the builder alone. not happy. this house had better look good when it's done.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

what's up at Damn the Pacific? Ani Di Franco is not the stuff of mushy love; it's breakup music.

three days w/out a post! I must have been moving, like Looby Lu, who tells about the associated chaos better than I could.

Upside of new house: a sunny, heated back room.
Downside: no clothes dryer. but of course my tech-lovin' husband has brought our dryer over!.
Upside: big garden for Mr B.
Downside: big garden to keep weed-free
Upside: my life is now simplified, by dint of moving over only the stuff I've actually used in the past two months or know I will need urgently.
Downside: I miss all my other stuff.
Upside: a nice table where I could put my fish.
Downside: I only have two fish, and one of them was dead this morning, traumatised by the car trip. I felt horrible. a murderer.
Upside: we can plug in a modem to get the Net.
Downside: we haven't done it yet, and I'll miss the ADSL something shocking.
Upside: it's costing us $100 a week for a fabulous renovated place five minutes from our house and a train station.
Downside: come September 14, two days before I get back from BlogCon and NYC, the owner will be home and we will have to move on.
oh, so when it's a British ship sinking, we rush to help?
but when it's a boatload of refugees, we don't look too hard, do we?

Thursday, July 04, 2002

yesterday's person of the day: the young woman with about 3mm of hair on her head, wearing stiletto boots (black) and a long, finely knitted wool coat (black) through which the ghostly outline of her body (dressed in black) could be seen.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002


The wedding planner goes online; help anxious betrothed types obsess about pew bows on these blogs.

Going Bridal

Going bridal is a bit like going postal, but in a white dress, one supposes. California girl Sara styles herself a "mild-mannered bride by day, bridezilla by night". Dennis, the groom, is already having nightmares involving guests' heads catching fire. According to the countdown, there are about 303 days left until their Big Day, so there's still hope for some excitement for the Web surfers who found this site via a search for "wedding porn". And time for Sara's family to hide; for catering purposes, she has assigned them to "toil in the Sandwich Mines": "People will quake when they see me coming with ziploc bags, oh yes they will."
Don't be fooled by her cheeky exterior; underneath, she's a pussycat who worries she's not nice enough to hubby-to-be: "Dennis is a much more effortlessly generous and loving person than I am. He is naturally the way I am when I'm really working on it." Awwww.

Wisteria: a Wedding Journal

Steve and his bride, who has forgotten to put her own name on her blog, are thinking about Fiji for the honeymoon. She's choosing between the Pink Dress, the Doily Dress and the Cinderella Dress.
She's deciding whether she needs a reception line, and recruiting flower girls. So much to do, so little time. After all, the wedding is on the same day as Sara's and Dennis' (May 3, 2003), but in Texas. This means the bride needs to panic about photographers now, apparently. At least the reception centre is booked (menus to come any minute).

And we're gonna get married!

Well behind in the planning stakes, at only about 170 days to go, are Kirsty and Pete.
Things are obviously more relaxed in England; they say everything's coming along nicely, but they haven't sent out invitations yet! Still, they've decided on a square cake because it's easier to cut up, and at least Kirsty is looking at dresses. Each member of the happy couple has a blog for their non-wedding business as well.

I'm so disappointed in Cheryl.
I mean, it's one thing to betray your political party for your beliefs, but for a bit of nookie? and when that nookie is Gareth Gareth, words fail me.
plus, it looks bad for the sisterhood; "oh, women, you can change their minds with a good f*&#, right?".
sometimes, when you have a cover story to write, and a horribly complicated and technical news story that is so arcane only the IT section would care, 17 calls to make - and those are only the urgent ones - when you have been unconscionably rude to your boss because you feel so stressed, when you are supposed to be moving house but can barely find time to order the pizza, when your neck hurts, it's raining and dark and your dog is sulking, and you KNOW you'll never get it all done, those times sometimes it's good to go a glass too far with the evening red wine (in my case that is all of two), jump on the dog, babble at the husband, laugh at the suitcases in the hallway and fall into bed at 9.30 pm.

Monday, July 01, 2002

our "intern" is from the United States; this means I have to say Xerox when I mean photocopy, gamble when I mean punt and scheduling conflict when I mean clash. they're not taxis, they're cabs, it's not a footpath, it's a sidewalk.

thank God for TV or we'd never understand each other. I feel like a space alien.
nuthin' like a Hoopty referral to get the hit rate up...I don't know why he thinks I'm clean. but I'll throw in a $1.99 (au$3.55254) all-you-can-eat for my roommate as well. plus you can be in my (tax-deduction-creating) actual newspaper article about the whole thing...(the conference, not breakfast)
The house we're moving into for 10 weeks is very nice; Californian bungalow, renovated, big back yard with a garden for Mr B to destroy, backs onto a primary school, sunny, HEATING!!! which we don't have at home.
but when I went over there Sunday to get the key, it had a new front door. last week someone broke the door in - took nothing, it seems. I grilled the owner for details and got an agreement that I could get the security door fixed.
then last night when I went to check the security door so I could sort out how to get it fixed, the owner's parents were there - owner having left by now. mother told me that two nights ago someone walked in the back door while owner was home. again, nothing taken. but now I'm freaked out. burglars are pretty dumb, and they do tend to come back. the locks in the back door have been changed too - I think keys may have gone missing - and I'm quite cross that owner did not tell me all that had happened. she has a habit of leaving the front door open - it was even open when I went over on Sunday - and I'm concerned this has been noted. and we're about to move all our CDs/computers/stereo and my unimpressive but much-loved jewellery into this place.
and I have to go over there tonight with a screwdriver and get the lock out of the security door so it can be fixed. I should be feeling good about this little holiday in a nice, different house, and I was; now I have a creepy nagging burglar worry.