Saturday, September 27, 2003

particularly liked this one:
whatever happens, I now have an excuse: it's the hormones.

having finished work in order to get a whole lot of things done, I now find that it's so easy to let things ride, things that formerly I would have got hot under the collar about. this is good, because I'm not quite as much of a stress bunny as usual. it's bad, because it's quite possible a large number of things won't get done.

it's grand final day. I used to be a rabid Fitzroy Lions supporter; I would ride my motorbike to the western suburbs in the rain to watch them lose. I knew every player's name and number. then they became the Brisbane Lions and broke my football heart, no small thing in this town. so today during the second half of the Brisbane Lions' third consecutive Grand Final win - an extraordinary feat, three in a row - I was taking advantage of the emptiness of the Brunswick baths, getting a lane all to myself.

between the box-unpacking and baby-stuff-shopping I've been indulging myself with that kind of thing. yesterday I went to see the 2002 Ranamok glass prize exhibition, and lusted after some of the most beautiful pieces of glass I've seen yet. then went to Acland St and wandered around, followed by a rare night out at the movies with a friend, complete with a visit to a cool bar for a (non-alcoholic) drink afterwards; it was almost like a date - she picked me up, we laughed at them movie together, talked for an hour, then she dropped me home. as usual, one wonders why one doesn't get more time with one's old friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I need - and there probably is somewhere - a link-surf recorder. it would tell me that I came to this article about why nerds are unpopular (I'm only 1/5 of the way through and I'm grokking it and getting secondary school flashbacks), from this site about girls' computer games to which I was referred by this blog about gaming , which was brought to my attention by workmate Nathan

then, when I have that software, I need to convert it to RL conversations.
finial - A small, decorative appendage that finishes an element of architecture, furniture, etc., especially at the peak of an arching structure. One common design is knoblike with a foliate texture.

A common site is the terminating ornament found at the top of many lampshades.

feeling a bit sad about this burning down. haven't eaten anything there for years, but it made a nice finial to the St Kilda pier. is that what finial means? sounds right.

this is my last whole day at work; after tomorrow morning I am on maternity leave. kind of weird. but there is so much to do outside work, and I am slowing down with all the hormomes/an enormous creature living under my skin compressing my stomach and lungs, so I guess it's time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I've remembered why I like Jim.he links to good stuff, like this article on administering the replicant test to politicians. it should be compulsory. I can think of at least two Australian politicians, make that three, who would fail miserably.

oh, and the ABC is going to run Dr Who from the first ep. starting next week. I'm on baby-having leave from next week! ex-term-in-ate

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

homestarrunner; nice use of tecchy stuff
strangely amusing: an RSS feed into a serious-looking newspaper format. found-newspaper-headline-poetry.
opposite my office is a derelict power station. it's full of asbestos. it also has a huge concrete chimney, maybe 15 stories high.
this morning, I turned into the end of the street and saw the words "Save the Tarkine" painted right down the side. When I got there, there were cop calls all over the place. the people who painted the slogan, and another saying "No jobs on a dead planet" are still up there. they had to climb up a couple of hundred metres of ladder, then abseil down the side, to paint the chimney.
I can see the chimney from my office window. the fact that this is a newspaper office wil probably not hurt their attempts to get publicity.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

the web site for the book in which I have a chapter is up.