Wednesday, March 31, 2004

hmm. if the South China Morning Post doesn't have it, I wonder if it's an April 1 type story?
that's it. I'm moving to Google for my free email. 1gig is good.

and do I really want to go to Hong Kong? bwg reckons the usual suspects had missiles at the airport, tho' I can't find the news anywhere else. why Hong Kong?

Monday, March 29, 2004

speaking of old blog acquaintances, big white guy is still worth a read. especially if one may be going to Honkers for six months as a kept woman, sorry, as the non-earning partner in an equal childrearing relationship.

it's a big move, and has interesting work implications, not to mention the upheaval. but I like Hong Kong, on paper. I like New York more, of course...
thought I'd check in on my buddies, and as I couldn't dredge batgrl's URL from memory I went to Jon's site. where I find the Bat has been very ill. blogging has brought me some friends and though I'm not around as much I really consider her and Jon amongst the best of them and I dunno, just want to say I want her to be up and batting about soon.