Wednesday, February 21, 2007

gotta say, the crazier Britney Spears gets, the more I like her. so she shaved off her hair? big deal. it's hair, people. just hair. so the pop idol isn't staying clean and pretty? why should she?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

actually, the comic book show is still on, until 25/2. so now I have to choose between that and the Arkley at the NGV. no time to do both.
I'm on Blogger New, whether I like it or not. Noticed in the process that I have made 1,906 posts to this blog so far, even though I treat it like an ugly cousin to be kept in the basement these days. (all complaints about that comment to please - I've realised lately that I'm missing out on criticism of me because I have been inactive in the blogosphere)

anyway, the reason I blogged on was not to upgrade to Blogger Fabulous, but to post a link to this: a comics web site written by, I have to say, the most geeky comic wonk you can imagine - Kevin Patrick's Comics Down Under. I am writing up a report that includes the media coverage of his exhibition at the State Library last year and am very sorry I missed it. and when I looked at his blog, it started off with a discussion of the influence of Spanish/South American culture on Australian comics. Brilliant. You have to admire that level of commitment to a topic: the comic, the whole comic and nothing but the comic.

btw, if this new Blogger Wonderful is so good, why do I still have to hand-code my links on the Mac? Hmmm?