Monday, November 24, 2003

a massive oversight: Alexander does not yet have a football team. Fitzroy died years ago with the dreaded merger, so my footy heart is broken. and his dad couldn't care less. he can't be a real Melbourne baby, can he? maybe I'll auction his affections. any bids?
someone asked how I was going. I said: complete joy interspersed with desperation. (forgot to mention the bit about propping my eyes open with matchsticks to feed/change Alexander at 2 am).
she said yep, that's how it goes on from here on in.

he's 13 days old today and I think we have the basics - food, changing - under control. there's still no real pattern to his life, but I made it down to the North Fitzroy Village this morning, just to prove I could, and we survived the outside world. after the caesar I was very restricted - first five days in my room at hospital, then a week here without leaving the house and garden. not feeling much urge to do much else, and now that Alexander's dad is back at work - a whole two weeks off - we're into the serious stuff.

new car comes this week. poor MX-5 Must Go. still dreaming of keeping the motorbike, but I know it's a dumb idea.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

With the raw materials in my blog, she could actually construct an accurate picture of who I am. This is fucking serious."

as a mother, I resent this. not.

yep, Alexander is here. too tired to say much about it. ended up bringing him out through the sunroof. oh well.

will post pix soon - there's an amazing one of the ob. holding him up seconds after the birth.

and of course he's beautiful.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Jon Sullivan has a spoiler-filled comments area on the new Matrix movie discussing what it all meant. only go there if you've already seen the movie.
well, our builder was wrong. he said that the neighbours wanted to build their horrid flats too cheaply and wouldn't get someone to do it. they either found more money or a dodgy builder, because they've spent the last week knocking down their garage and jackhammering a yard full of concrete up. not very peaceful for this overdue mother-to-be, I can tell you. and soon the lovely tree (in the pix down on the left overhanging the "garden thing" which is now thoroughly established) will be cut down, and there's nothing I can do about it. we hates them precious, yes we does.

speaking of which, the new Matrix movie (which I saw at a 10 am screening on the first day, 100s of seats, no waiting!); not bad. some of the scenes were very much recycled from earlier movies, and the climactic fight didn't do what it should have. plus watch out for the scene where Trinity says "oh yes I can". I can't decide whether it's in character or just plain cheesy dialogue. but I enjoyed it enough. and there were previews of LOTR 3, which no doubt I'll have to see on video, unless they do "crybaby" sessions.

just hangin' around here waiting, really, four days overdue. nothin' to see, move along...