Thursday, October 25, 2007

ah, the things that drive one back to blogging.

like being alone in the house after 9.30, so it's too late to call anyone...and not strictly alone, as husband and kid are both in bed...and really, really wanting to rave about the movie you've just of course you think "I'll blog it".

I've always had time for David Cronenberg's particular weirdness. And ever since Lord of the Rings, Viggo Mortenson has been pretty high up my celebrity safe list. Saw A History of Violence, liked it. and tonight, it was Eastern Promises. Now, I'm not a big thriller watcher. I don't go for violence for its own sake. I admit I watched some of the gorier bits through my fingers or not at all. but this was a Good Movie. It didn't rush the plot. it wasn't confusing. it had enough "aha" moments to make the viewer feel clever. It had Naomi Watts. it didn't go for the easy solutions. And Viggo, well, apart from the deeply homoerotic nude-fight-in-the-sauna (deeply violent too, as eroticism can often be), even apart from that, he played the part just far enough - enigmatic Russian thugs are a movie cliche, but I forgot the others when he was onscreen (apart from one Pulp Fiction moment involving sunglasses in a diner.)

go see it. it's good.