Wednesday, May 25, 2005

how quickly they forget dept:

went into work today to meet an editor. she wasn't there when I arrived. I checked with a passing reporter, whom I'll call K, that I had the right office, mentioning that the editor was expecting me. K and I don't really know each other, but we have spoken and introduced ourselves long ago while at a press conference. after that she pretty much ignored me.

so I'm sitting there, checking out the books on the editor's table, wondering if she's forgotten my appointment, when through the door comes the sound of K whispering on the phone. she's calling security!. of course I couldn't hear every word, but the gist was that she wanted to know if the editor had allowed anyone in to see her (no, because I used my pass because I'm still on staff), and that there was someone in said editor's office, just sitting there.

K, as far as I can tell, doesn't share my sense of humour. so I couldn't lean over the divider and say "are you dobbing me in to security?". I pulled out my pass, put it on the table and waited to be nabbed. sadly, the editor turned up before I could enjoy the wonders of my workplace's security system. but really! why didn't K just ask me who I was? (of course I used to have long hair and now look like a slightly scary lesbian with my chemo regrowth. but is that any reason to call the dogs in? glad I don't look, like, Muslim or something...)

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