Monday, September 10, 2007

February? really? if it didn't contain a lot from when I blogged ten times a day, I'd let it die a natural death.

what have I done since February? got back on my bike. doubled my swimming session distance. tried to surf (and have the sandpapered knees to prove it). not read enough books. completed my honours thesis. set up a rental flat, which is supposed to be my mini-job. worked a little, but not much. made a snowman out of the last dregs of ice because I'd promised my son snow.

it all doesn't sound like much of a life, and you'd think there would be time in there to blog, but there hasn't been - I don't think it's that I've had nothing to say, because I email my friends and I am still, but not as much, writing fiction. maybe it's because of the fiction; if I have an idea it goes into the notebooks these days. or is it the home-with-kid thing kicking in?

whatever it is, I racked up nearly two thousand posts before Feb, and then nothing, and that only inane Britney raving. my latest media annoyance: the British couple who are accused by the Portuguese cops of killing their own daughter. can anyone say Azaria?

(oh, and PS: I got to the comic book show and Arkley. and I was converted: Arkley was not just a man with huge canvases and an airbrush. he had composition, themes and incredible textures.) It's still on in Queensland until September 16 if you're up there.

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